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A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.


Hometown: The Great Pacific Northwest

Favorite Food: Anything with meat. He was definitely a carnivorous dinosaur in a past life. 

Hobbies: He enjoys naps, mountain biking, and discovering a new favorite series (whether it be books, television, or tasting flights) …but not all at the same time, although he is sure there may be a Groupon for that sort of thing.

Bio: Allen Brown

Allen is a writer looking to bring his style and work to the masses. He enjoys writing science fiction horror (think science fiction technology prototypes gone wrong) and has been known to throw together a comical/satire piece every now and then. He enjoys being challenged in his writing and creativity, knowing that it is when we are stretched that we become elastic. 

He looks forward to being part of a dynamic team that sees results through honest relationships, shared knowledge, and the ability to adapt and learn new skills.  Birthing an idea or thought from infancy and watching it grow and evolve into something tangible brings him delight. 

He takes pride in his relationships, work ethic, and beard.  










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