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A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.

Marketing/Outreach Director

hometown: Newark New Jersey

favorite food: Tacos & Perogies (Tie)

hobbies: Writing, watching crime documentaries, and going to Grownup Arcades AKA Casinos ;-)

Bio: Coco Blue

Growing up in both the inner city and the suburbs has made Cortney both street smart, and cultured. These traits have allowed her to lead a very creative and rewarding life in her adult years. She has translated her creativity in to a successful Public Event Production Company where she is not only the owner, but a bit of everything in between. With her extensive knowledge marketing, promotions, hospitality, and customer service, she loves being able to utilize her skills with great companies such as her own and working as a Marketing/Outreach Director at Mr. Bray LLC.







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