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🤓 Ep. 114 - Night Terrors

Night Terrors

by Allen Brown

What if I told you that I could prove the Boogeyman was real? Would it frighten you or would you shrug it off as superstition?  Would you look over your shoulder before exiting a room or double check that slightly ajar closet door?

It’s the boogeyman that wakes you up at midnight and then keeps you awake out of fear.  You’re familiar with these moments. You fall asleep peacefully just to suddenly awake sometime after one for no reason. Some may tell you that it’s the pizza or the Colonel’s greasy chicken you had for dinner or the stress of some late notice you received in the mail. You then stay awake for the next couple hours tormented within your own thoughts by the feeling of some presence in the house. Hearing a door across the house close because of a draft certainly doesn’t help. Was it just a draft that closed it? It certainly wasn’t your favorite Colonel. Maybe it was your favorite Colonel that walked across the house, that would at least answer the question of what made the wood floor creak.    

What about those chills you get, when you are lying in bed and you have a leg or arm outside the covers that suddenly become cold, as if a ghostly presence has just entered the room.  Now you are self-conscious and begin to pull the blanket over your exposed body, only to discover that you are not warming up at all.  Now the fear sets in and you wrap yourself tighter into the blanket.  Maybe you even roll towards your significant other in hopes of finding some consolation; which you don’t. That’s the Boogeyman.

Let’s talk about those dreams you have. You know exactly which ones I am talking about, in fact, you are bringing a few to mind already. Those dreams that are so horrifying, so grotesque, so…real. The ones you don’t tell your friends about because how do you tell your wife or boyfriend that you witnessed them being murdered? It was just a dream though, you realize that after you have come to from the horror you just watched in your mind and you reach over and feel the warmth of their body next to you. If it’s just a dream, then why do you get goosebumps just thinking about it. That’s the Boogeyman.  

Lastly, it’s the Boogeyman that is watching you when you get up to get a drink of water in the middle of the night.  You feel him watching you as you cross the house or open the cupboard to grab a glass for water. Do you think he is watching you from outside, peering in through a crack in the blinds or maybe he is hidden in that dark corner that you have been meaning to get a piece of furniture for or perhaps a potted plant to fill? While we are here, why don’t you look over your shoulder or check under the bed. Open that closet, if you dare.

Now, to prove to you that the Boogeyman is real, in hopes that it’ll give you peace enough to sleep tonight, even if you have to leave every light in the house on, I will leave you with this. Remember back to this morning, after your alarm jolted you awake because you slept like dirt after having roughly fallen back asleep.  You stumbled into your bathroom in that early morning daze. You relieved yourself to feel a little more awake and then came over to the sink. Maybe you washed your hands or maybe you began to brush your teeth. But you couldn’t seem to forget the dream you had or the chills that you couldn’t shake. So, you collected some cold water from the faucet in the cup of your hands and splashed your face. It helped a little, but while rising up from the sink, with cold water dripping off of your face, you took a second and stared at your reflection in the mirror.  Unbeknownst to you, it was in that moment that you came face to face with the monster itself.

You are the thing that goes bump in the night as you lay awake listening to every sound echoing throughout the house.  You are the creature that freaks yourself out over the chills you get when the temperature of the house drops. You are the monster that stays awake tormenting yourself over the disturbing nightmare you had while your loved one is sleeping peacefully right next to you. And you are shadow that watches you while you visit the fridge late at night.

Please, rest assured now, that the creature you fear isn’t hidden in the closet, but rather, hidden deep within your mind. So, feel free to turn off the lights that you left on in the hallway to help you sleep tonight. You won’t be needing them on.


At least, that’s what the Boogeyman would want you to think.


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