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πŸ€“ Ep. 92 - The Birth Of The Gargoyles

The Birth Of The Gargoyles


An original story written and read by Jesse Bray

After the Great Rebellion; where the third of the host most high were banished , the Fallen as they are referred to made a second attempt to retake heaven. In the heart of their machinations they bred amongst themselves a pure race. A race they believed they would ride their wings to celestial victory. During the event of the hatching of their offspring, The Fallen began rejoicing and dancing in the presence of the coming brood. Yet as the mornings ray pierced their eyes so too did it transform their flying infants. The light hadmagically turned the arriving gargoyles in to stone has gravity took it’s fatal blow crashing to the earth. The Fallen were horrified and fled in fear as their hurt and dying children lay broken on the earth. Now even to this day the mere sculpture depiction of their forsaken babies cause the fallen to surrender in agony. Hence why it is common practice for Cathedrals to depict gargoyles hanging from the church to ward off evil spirits.

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