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🤓 Ep. 41 - Rock'Em Sock'Em Fan Script

Transcribed podcast:


Rock'em Sock'em Fan Script


Welcome back to Go Forth & Nerd! My name is Jesse Bray also known as Mr. Bray and I am your resident nerd!

So today in the spirit of all things geek I wanna talk about a secret to the nerd life that's got me amped and could do the same for you! It's called a Fan Script.

My good buddy Cody and I have been friends for several years and we've had lots of fun working on each others creative projects from animation to film and tv Scripts. However recently we both tapped into another level of our nerdy bromance by developing an X-men Fan Script. And I have to say it's been awesome! I easily feel like this is some of the funnest stuff I've worked on.


Here's some of the things I wasn't expecting:

  1. When your righting a script off an established universe and characters it's really liberating! It's NOW this already established world and you can just imagine the adventure while the conflicts write themselves!

  2. Writing a fan script especially with my friend has been the closet thing to that child like high I had as a kids when you were playing with your buddies with your action figures in your room! It totally teleports me back in time.

  3. The last unexpected thing I've experienced has been a flood of ideas! It's been like a creative enema! If you've ever had writers/idea block you know how frustrating that can feel. And I really think all people whether professionals or hobbyists crave a good creative outlet.

Now not all of you might have the sudden urge to work on a fan script but it doesn't have end at that! There's fan art, fan film, fan lit! If you can dream it you can fan it! Fan projects are such an amazing way to zero in on that thing that charges your inner nerd batteries!

To illustrate the power of fan art, and for me particularly comics I'd like to share a personal story about my briefcase.


My Briefcase 

Between the ages of 9yrs-13yrs I obsessively carried around a small leather briefcase. Inside it housed all my prize possessions. Comics, drawing papers, pencils, art pens, and my original and fan art comics. My briefcase saw a lot of adventures and my briefcase was in many was a companion for me. From the time my grandfather gave me this briefcase when I was 9yrs old so we would match when he took me on business trips with him. To the times I would daydream about a superhero girl friend living in an attic. To the time being woken up at 3am because our apartment was on fire, leaping down the staircase clutching my briefcase to my chest all while the ground was covered in a sea of fleeing cock roaches like a scene from Indiana Jones. To the time I was staying in another attic at the Salvation Army shelter and I hide in the bathroom for a moment of privacy to cry. To the endless hours I'd pour into recreating my Wolverine comics frame by frame. To the time after time I would walk to the Sanford Maine library and I'd fill it with as many books as I could handle struggling to latch it shut. To the time that same library had to change their policy on free copies when I printed out on their dot matrix an entire biography on Walt Disney. To the times I would meticulously arrange my art supplies within the inner pockets of the briefcase. To the time I'm embarrassed to admit that I wrote the Pink Power Ranger, to devotees Amy Jo Johnson, a love letter! I was convinced that my words and included fan illustrations would win her heart and it would some day be might morph'n wedding bells! To the time I eventually ran away from home at 13yrs old on the Amtrak train to never return. My briefcase was with me through it all. And looking back my briefcase was kinda like the volley ball Wilson in the movie Castaway. We eventually but not purposefully parted ways. When I turned 14yrs old I had a massively different life and my need for my briefcase companion had changed. However it's these sometimes peculiar things that we do that help us endure the ups and downs of life. For those few years from when I was 9-13yrs old my true life was inside that briefcase while the outside was just a distraction. And while I my true life is no longer contained inside an inanimate object but in my love for my wife, family and circles of friendships. My briefcase is like a metaphor of strength to me. It gave me the power to dream and that's what I'd love to hear and have you guys do! Fan script fan art fan fill in the blank can empower you to dream out loud! To laugh at things only you're clever eyes have noticed. To imagine things that are horribly unmarketable. To explore yourself in the skin of your heroes and to deeply and profoundly live out a slice of what truly makes you and others happy!

So today I want to challenge you to spend sometime being a hardcore fan! Start of fan club, do a fan craft project, comic, script, cosplay, interpretive dance whatever makes you feel alive and proudly wear your nerdy head high please do it this week! I want to thank you all so much for listening. I truly hope you've been encouraged today by listening to this podcast. I'm always interested and inspired listening to your personal stories so please feel free to send me an email. Have a wonderful day and remember to Go Forth & Nerd!

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