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🤓 Ep. 115 - Poltergeist vs Ghosts

Poltergeist vs Ghosts

The differences between the legends that started the scary stories

essay by: Micah Tindage


 Poltergeist and ghost have been part of the Halloween experience for as long as anyone can remember. They also haunt the realities of others as far back as ancient times where the sighting of a spectres was considered a bad omen that something was about to happen to the living witness.

As time went on ghosts came to be known as people that died a mysterious or violent death and by appearing they were inviting the assistance of the living to help solve their mystery or revenge their death. The appearance of ghosts of the departed, even those of loved ones, was rarely considered a welcome experience. The dead were supposed to remain in their own land and were not expected to cross back over to the world of the living. When such an event did occur, it was a sure sign that something was terribly wrong, and those who experienced a spiritual encounter were expected to take care of the problem for the ghost to return to its proper place. This understanding was so prevalent that ghost stories can be found, with very similar themes, in the ancient cultures of MesopotamiaEgyptGreeceRomeChina, and India as well as regions of Mesoamerica and the Celtic lands of Ireland and Scotland. Ghosts are also depicted in the Bible in much the same way as they were in earlier Roman works. 


The stories of poltergeist taking over the residence of the living throwing items, slamming doors, causing things to appear that are not there has been the basis for many movie plots that are still in debate as to whether they were based on true events. The Amityville horror is based on alleged events of a home occupied by a Ghosts or poltergeist that haunted whomever dared to occupy the home and then cause blood to stream down the walls and loud banging coming from the basement among other terrible occurrences that plagued the residence.

Ghost and poltergeist seem to go hand in hand when one describes their experiences without realizing they have vast differences. Even horrifying differences that, if you believe them to be of real existence, can cause you harm.

Ghost are those that have lived at one time and have passed. They only make an appearance and unable move objects or cause any physical effects on the living world. They only haunt the location and not the person so if one does witness the appearance of a ghost it must do with the place itself rather than the person witnessing them. Ghosts are spirits of the deceased human beings, who still refuse to leave the realm of the living. 

They may have had a mysterious death but the mystery is not to them but only to the living so the remaining has nothing to do with mystery but truth or unsettling of these or business of what they needed to accomplish in life but where denied that by death.

Poltergeist however, are a completely different theory. They are not a person that once lived and has unfinished business on Earth or died mysteriously and now hasn’t that same location where they died or their life hit a dramatic peak. Instead, it is an entity that does not occupy a location it follows a person. In folklore and parapsychology, a Poltergeist (German for "noisy ghost" or "noisy spirit") is a type of ghost or other supernatural entity which is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed.

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) is a phrase suggested by parapsychologist William G. Roll to denote poltergeist phenomena. Poltergeist activity tends to occur around a single person called an agent or a focus (typically a prepubescent female).

The poltergeist is an invisible entity that moves objects, slams doors and creates other audible, kinetic disturbances. It has been reported in many cultures and there is a strong association with the places where young people, especially adolescents, are living.

They seem to appear in different forms like complete bodies, transparent entities and foggy mists. Poltergeists are forms of energy, which a living person controls unknowingly.


While ghosts are linked with specific places where certain gruesome activities like murders have taken place. To be more specific, Ghosts may haunt a house where he or she might have been murdered or may visit the house he had lived long ago. Ghosts are also known to haunt the places where the deceases used to visit before his or her death. But Poltergeists are not confined to any area. They are usually associated with specific objects and persons. But there are some theories that say that poltergeists can be linked to multiple objects and multiple people.

Though the appearance of a ghost can cause mental terror, they are not violent in any sense. Meanwhile, a poltergeist is dangerous, inflicting both physical and mental terror.

While Ghosts can be sent away, it is difficult to send away a poltergeist. Religious ceremonies are conducted for sending away the ghosts to the other realm. For sending away a poltergeist, the correct agent must be identified. The emotional and physical attitudes come a long way in handling a poltergeist.


Ghosts are passive souls of the dead and poltergeists are aggressive souls of the departed



 Written by: Prabhat S. and updated on October 8, 2009 

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