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Blog name change and upcoming 30 day journal challenge!

If you’re like me you struggle sometimes creating new habits. Well it was my intent to really pour more candidly into this “Heart-First” blog. Yet i’m coming up feeling out of ideas. Well sorta. I’m feeling out of ideas that collectively qualify the “Heart-First” title of this blog. So I’m changing the name. Something that better fits myself without losing the intent to connect with people. Additionally while I'm very much a "Heart-First" human I started to reflect on all the great things that the marketing world quickly erodes. 🌎 For example the word "authentic" is hardly used correctly in social media but it's such a wonderful word! We should all be authentic, yet over use and misuse can just ruin words like this. And it is my very real concern that the phrase "heart-first" will lose its meaning if not guarded properly. So I reached into my idea morgue, and am resurrecting a less obvious and hopefully humorous tone from my old blogspot days - blog title “Mad Spiral of Jesse Bray” but so it’s more on brand I’ll call it the “Mad Spiral of Mr. Bray”. The title is obviously a bit tongue and cheek and I want to allow for more zaniness as it arises. Ok so to launch this new project off with some zest I'm starting a 30 journal challenge. I'm an avid journaler, however my journal entries are usually quite private. So buckle up for some possible over sharing and perhaps deeper insights on my goofy brain.


thanks so much for staying along for the ride!