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What's Up Doc?

30 day journal challenge - day 4

Today we took my fluffy gray cutie, my cat to the vet. His name is Doc and he has F.I.V. (kind of like kitty aids). He's typically a pretty healthy guy but it's been almost two years since we've taken him to the veterinarian for his checkup. What I didn't realize was how anxious it was going to make me. Sure my cat dislikes being placed in his carrier but I think I was far more distraught than he was. The whole time I was pacing, had trouble thinking straight. Kept feeling guilty about work but I knew there was nothing to do while I was at the vet and then in the meantime my poor anxious kitty was dealing with all this unknown. Now if you're a pet owner you're aware of this nervousness. We take on our pets problems just like they take on ours. When I'm stressed my cat knows it and he's physically amped up. However the whole time I was blinded by this fretting I didn't really appreciate the good in front of me. Which leads me to Broga!... 

What's "Broga"? Broga is a silly word my good friend Mike and I made up when we decided we wanted to start going to yoga together. Us being bros we crammed Bro & yoga together. Tonight we took our first Broga class. And it was fantastic! Now I'm not a complete stranger but I'm desperately new to yoga proper. I'm aware of a few poses and I've been an avid meditator for some time. But like all things that you learn on your own or from a academic perspective there is just something not quite the same as when you're learning it from practiced hands. 

Walking away from our yoga class I was struck that all the anxieties of today were my fault. I had held onto all these unknowns and things outside of my control and for what? To feel anxious?! So as tonigh winded down I sat here on my couch looking over at my furry little angel fast asleep with not a care in the world and I felt immensely blessed. Doc's ok and I'm ok. We had survived the day and if there's a tomorrow we'll just take it just like the Broga, one breathe, one strength and one poses at a time.