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30 day journal challenge - day 5ish

You ever have brain fog? 🧠  That most accurately describes my yesterday. I'm sure everyone can relate to feeling like maybe their train of thought is getting derailed. I'm a firm believer that your mind is like a muscle - you use it or lose it. Yet sometimes we allow ourselves to overlook a good mental workout. What feels like an eternity ago do you remember those classic "Brain Age Games" on the Nintendo DS Lite? There was this adorable Asian man that would pop up and ask you silly yet challenging questions. Each day you would take a series of quizzes and the end results will tell you how old your mind was. It was a lot of novel fun. Yet if you were like me after a while let's be honest it got kinda boring. So goes for a lot of routines, or maybe it's just me? I like a little more improvisation in life then perhaps the average bear. Which is a somewhat a poor excuse to miss an on time journal entry. However, part of this whole challenge is self discovery so there's going to be different results each day - and just a bit of stream of consciousness. So let's give ourselves a pass on being absent minded here and again. Some days our brains need to chill out. Last thought on being thoughtless - I've personally discovered that when I'm stressed or taking on anxieties my mind has more trouble with clarity. Another daily reminder that self care starts up stairs.