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Busy Is Not A Personality

Journal challenge canceled. Just journaling.

The greatest purpose for me to create this journal challenge was for self discovery. There's no gun to my head or doomsday clock ⏰ forcing me to march on relentlessly. So I have to confess I wasn't taking my own advice and focusing on the now. The present is what matters most. 

This morning Katie and I went to one of our favorite coffee shops for breakfast. Going out to breakfast is one of the best highlights of our weekends. We can't always go out but it's the conversations we have at this time, uninterrupted by work and normal routines, that are so refreshing. Even though Katie and I have been married for over 11years, best friends and often are lucky enough to have lunch a couple times during the work week we still have so much to catch-up on the weekends. She told me about this "type A" personality test she took and how apparently people who have Type A are drastically prone to health risks. She said she scored about 50% on several answers but it was the answers she scored that troubled her. They were sorta the worry wart related control freak impulses that I think we can all relate to. The conversation was immensely sobering. I'm no spring chicken but neither am I in any sort of race with my peers to check over more boxes in my life. And that's when Katie quoted  a fun meme to me that said "Busy Is Not  A Personality"!

Awhile back when I used to run my podcast Go Forth & Nerd 🤓 I had a friend on that worked at Adobe Software. He was a funny guy that loved bread and cheese to a degree that humbled the average foodies. Thibalt said his bread and cheese obession was largely influenced by his native French heritage - which if that's true I need to visit France 🇫🇷 someday soon! Anyways Thibault told me about a fun startup he tried working on years back called "Slow Bread". It was a daily freshly baked, slowly made bread service that would be delivered to you door. Sounds amazing right?! I asked why slow bread and he told me that good bread takes time. It needs love and crumb, nothing that most store bought bread has. And as a lover of food and good conversation I made the connection powerfully this morning that I needed to slow down. Not because I don't have fun things I'd like to work on, post about and ideas and thoughts to share. Just that slowness helps with quality of time and life and that busy for busy sake is just treading water. So for me that means canceling this 30 day journaling challenge. If I write once a week or month a day or year it needs to be from the right place and serve me. Sure this might not resonate with you. However it does for me. Life is too short to fret over little things and to paraphrase Thibault life is too short to make crummy bread.


thanks for reading,