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A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.


Hi I’m Jesse Bray. I started my company Mr. Bray Studios, LLC. in 2011 as a simple graphic design and animation business on the side while I was in college. Eventually with each new project and new client my side gig steadily became my bread and butter. While I specialize in everything from print to web to film, my absolute favorite aspect is telling stories. Over the years I’ve been collecting like a Pokemon trainer a dream team of the most amazingly talented and trustworthy creatives. While Mr. Bray Studios, LLC is a team I take a personal hands on approach to every project that comes through the company. This is the level of customer service you get from us. It’s also a distinctive that only a smaller and more personal studio can do. My clients have ranged from small to large brands and everything in-between. What really matters to me is that we’re a good fit and both parties are are excited to work with each other! I believe we should put our hearts into the work that we do! I have a vested interest in your success! Check out our core values to learn more!


CEO/Creative Director

hometown: Portland, OR.

favorite foods: iced tea & fried chicken 🍗

hobbies: finding new ways to fry things aka cooking



The team is made up of writers, animators, filmmakers, voice actors and more! In animation and film much like music and construction it is a communal art form. Even if you’re an expert in all things you still need to be surrounded by talented, hardworking and reliable people. This is a tall order, yet this is why it’s so important to get to know the people that are here to help you. Please take some time to get to know us here!

If you’re looking for a creative approach that’s heart first and sincerely interested in your success please contact us today!


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