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sound Designer/Animator

hometown: New Jersey

favorite food: Any thing with peanut butter!!!

hobbies: gaming in all forms!

Bio: Kevin Blue

I was born in New Jersey I’ve been here most of my life but I can’t say it is my favorite place to
live. My sister was born in Florida and I must say with the years I spent there I enjoyed the
scenery the people and food but nothing beats cold weather in NJ and a warm blanket. All
throughout my life I was met with racism and prejudice those moments though dark gave light to
a stronger me.. My advice is don’t embrace the hate. My major passion is Gaming I can speak on
games until I die, not a big board game player mostly because I haven’t been taught but I do play
card games... I dabble in all things media and currently am working on a YouTube channel
(@KaptainBlue). I love meeting new people and listening to their stories as well as making
funny videos and making people laugh. I am a firm believer that the human race is meant to
work together no matter our beliefs and come together to form one awesome world of Peace and
I am currently working as an apprentice of Jesse Bray at Mr. Bray Studios, LLC and am
looking to specialize in everything from print to web to film.







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