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       MR BRAY

A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.



Hometown: Vancouver, WA


Favorite food: Chocolate anything. I hoard Lindt gold bunnies.


Hobbies: Plant care, baking, anime, papercraft art, cat petting, vidyagames, video essays, plenty of TV Tropes browsing, and lots of YouTube.


Bio: Laura Dukes

Being a native Pacific Northwester, this mildly cold and soaked land is what I consider home. I grew up around these parts with all sorts of dodgy family problems all around me, trailing clean through college, but it hasn't stopped me from being the artist I am today. Watching cartoons from a very young age, my tastes have grown over the years, and I consider myself to be a sort of media critic now, watching a variety of film essays whenever I can, and always making the attempt to catch up with my ever-growing list of shows I've missed. I like to try and think critically about stories and all the strange tropes that go into them. Down the road, I plan on making my own show (probably a Netflix series), and hoping to inspire lots of people with what I make.

Besides that, I like to take care of my mini herb garden, which I like to collect little bits and pieces here and there. I also enjoy making delicious treats and little paper cutouts when I got money for supplies. Not only do I hoard greenery, but pretty paper as well.