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β€‹πŸ‘ Peaches & Jams 🎸

Recently I've caught the musical bug. I'm kinda obsessed to be honest. It comes in waves here and again but there was a time when music was very much my life.

As the urge to grab my guitar and play a random tune takes hold; it's easy to look back at how when you're first starting out there is so much work to make a song sound just right. The funny thing is I have a better ear for music decades later but my mind for lyrics are just awful. I can easily pick up a track in less than the time its through the first chorus (unless it's too jazzy still haven't mastered my ear for jazz) but it's a real struggle to remember words to tunes. I'm not sure why.

All this brings me back to when I was fourteen years old and I learned how to play the guitar. It started one evening when I was hanging out with my Grandpa Neil and he pulled out this old classical guitar from the closet. Sitting there I was eating my grandma's homemade peach jam straight from the jar as my Grandpa πŸ‘΄ strummed this sick Mexican guitar style lick. "MalagueΓ±a" - it was mesmerizing! My Grandpa finished a total of twenty to thirty seconds of this beautiful riff then handed me the guitar and went off to bed. I couldn't sleep πŸ’€, I needed to hear this music again. So I drilled down and played this guitar all night long until I had figured out this track. Even though I just had the one hearing I wasn't satisfied until I could play it perfectly. The next morning my Grandpa saw me seated in the same place he had left me - this time I was now playing "MalagueΓ±a" and I had finished the jar of my grandma's peach jam. He smiled as he walked up to me and said I could have his guitar, I had earned it. Less than a few weeks later I had started my first band. A Christian band - we were a duo, ( an embarrassing story for another time) another acoustic guitar player and we called ourselves "Pre-Resurrection", which looking back makes no sense.


My musical journey started over night and it became part of my identity for a very long time. But music is funny that way. It can change you and inspire you. You can enjoy it while you're happy or sad, feeling stressed or angry. Music can be like a magnifying glass or a mirror - amplify or reflecting you. So while I'm reclaiming my old flame I'm looking forward to the music I'll be making even if it's scratching away at an old tune I can't get out of my head. And its these ups and downs of life that can always use a good tune to help along the way. So thank you for being apart of my journey and for reading this bard's tales.