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🥓 Aching For Bacon

Today I made a culinary mistake. I ate corn dogs for lunch. Don't get me wrong I love a good corn dog but often or not they're made with pork.

Why does this matter well I discovered I have an awful allergy to swine. Ok sure that's a little usual however a lot of people deliberately don't eat pork products and they live perfectly normal lives. Which is very true, if you're kosher or halal you avoid pork. The problem is I'm not and even more so for most of my life I was a downright bacon addict! I absolutely loved the stuff! I even went so far as to purchase special seasoning salt that flavored my non pork foods to taste like pork. It was amazing! 

However, throughout much of my life I suffered from debilitating stomach aches and had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I had many an emergency 🚨 racing to find a toilet .🚽   Why am I telling you this grossly personal story? Well this is a public journal that's one reason. The other reason is everyone will throughout the day have to use the restroom. Plain and simple! We're no better or different than eachother. 

I may no longer have IBS - for me a drastic dietary shift changed my plumbing issues. Yet it doesn't correct my pork allergy. I realized when I cut pork products from my diet my debilitating stomach cramps and bathroom emergency quickly disappeared. So today when I was acting a fool and not thinking of what mystery meat 🥩 was inside lunch I was dealing with instant karma. I could lie to myself but when you've got an allergy you're body isn't buying it. I'm not sure how all those devout Muslims and Orthodox Jews can resist the temptation. Perhaps they've never or seldom try pork. But it's a difficult thing to say no too even when it causes me pain. I guess my addiction is food.

Nonetheless, I'm reminded even while clinging to my stomach in knots that just as it's important for myself to act and be aware of my mental and emotional concerns I can't act outside my own body's limitations. I can lie to myself til the cows come home but I can't lie to my body at least without consequences.  

There's a bigger picture here I believe and that's taking time to look into a mirror and be honest with myself. There is just some things I want that I just have to say no to. And that's the lesson I'm seeing today. All the creativity in this world and a constant barrage of exciting things to experience knowing just a bit of what will hurt you in the end can save you a lot of pain.  

Goodbye my lovely delicious bacon 🥓