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🍽 Full Plate, Empty Stomach

Perhaps I'm alone, though I'm hard pressed to think otherwise I believe being busy is a nasty badge of pride in my American culture. Looking or acting busy is almost to the point of psychosis these days. As if busyness is a catch all phrase to excuse for failing relationships, lack of personal time or just general unhealthy or unhappiness. So I'd like to ask you a question - is your plate full but your stomach empty? Currently mine is.

I have blanket excuses; like trying to move the needle at my company, project deadlines, responsibilities,etc... However much of it comes down to just bad habits for me. I'd rather a bit more sleep, or a convienent fast meal, or just another episode of my favorite tv show, or I've just got to much to do to meditate, journal, pray or get out of the house. Ultimately if I'm being honest I'm being lazy by saying I'm busy. Busy is a frame of mind - sure some days can just feel like they're filled with endless tasks. Yet for me the more work I have on my plate often the happier I am. Not because I love being busy but because I love being productive. And I've also discovered being productive is meditative. Working at a routine to clear your distractions or balance your life is amazingly cathartic!  I know I'm using sort of a nebulous phrase here. Yet perhaps what I'm saying resonates with you? Or perhaps this is just a stream of consciousness post. Either way I choose today to not allow my full plate let my stomach go empty.


thanks for listening,