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🥴 Cooties

Tonight Katie and I had an evening in date night. Even though it's only Tuesday it has already felt like a long week. Sometimes life is like that you're having a rough week and could use a bit of an escape. I made us dinner and we watched a sorta scary movie, being so close to Halloween and all. We watched a horror comedy called "Cooties" starring Elijah Wood & Rain Wilson. The film turned out to be a good time, though I don't normally enjoy zombie-esque movies.

Several years ago I read a really interesting article from one of my favorite directors Guillermo Del Toro - it was on the subject of Horror movies. Apparently according to reasearch in times of high anxiety scary movies increase significantly in popularity. There is something about a safe outlet for the worst possible scenario that alleviates problems or feelings of being overwhelmed.


While if you're just reading this post you might need more convincing so please look into it - from my point of view it makes a lot of sense. Films allow us to vicariously experience all sorts of emotional releases. I'm no one to shy away from a romantic comedy for example I saw "Crazy Rich Asians" on a whim by myself. I know that might sound odd, my wife had a book group at our house so I randomly picked a film to see. I loved it so much I ended up taking Katie to see it again - all said I saw the film three times in the theaters. To me a good romantic comedy is all about characters and fantastic settings. I love having the emotional arch's that they so powerfully depend on. Take Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly one) while a romantic drama, the film is a masterpiece! You fall in love with the characters as you peek inside there fascinating and sincere lives. There's something so raw and vulnerable about a good romance film that other genres have to squeeze in or undermine. The point is be that horror or romance to me a good movie can be as cathartic as a session with your therapist, as insightful as a zen meditation or meaningful as mindfulness journal entry. Releasing anxieties and confusion with helps us with connecting with others or universal experiences. To me the narrative is a sacred task driven by the intend to be shared by others. I know kinda preachy or poetic. Yet if you're reading this you're actively interested in trying to connect with me, if even in a subtle way. So let's enjoy this time here of this blue marble and release our anxiousness or unrest through a good or not so good shared story. 


Take care!