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๐Ÿ‡ Sour Grapes ๐Ÿ‡

How I Handle sour grapes

Just a brief detour from our current series on โ€œThe Animated Kids Showโ€. I want to address a very real and very personal topic, that of sour grapes. Or to use a term that makes more sense to those that didn't spend a lot of time with their grandparents just plain "disappointmentโ€. We have and will encounter disappointment in our lives theres just no escaping it. However it's important I believe for us to aim high and keep on reaching! There are no honest formulas for success, anyone who says so is selling something, and they're most definitely lying. In life along with disappointment there are strategies and opportunities. Strategies can come from learning from others that came before you, suffering through your own hard lessons or good old fashion innovation. Opportunities on the other hand are far more random. You can look for opportunities, you can make your own opportunities (some would call this strategies) and you can be offered opportunities. No one can control the cards you're dealt yet you can choose how you play them. If this is sounding like some sort of bootstraps post you're mistaken, please hang on while I continue. Why am I saying all of this? Well I know lots of people including myself when faced with disappointment sometimes turn to sour grapes over a lack of opportunity or failed strategy. Some call it a lack of affluence or privilege or nepotism and granted these are real things. However, it's important to remember even if you've had all the money and opportunities that your little hearts desired it still takes a collosal amount of work for an idea, especially in animation and film, to come to life. It's by no means my interest to police peoples emotions. I just want to be down to earth. This is why I'm trying to unpack all these stories to share the road I've traveled as I walk it. Side note I'm a firm believer in sharing resources and knowledge. The last thing I want to be is the gatekeeper to someone's dreams. If we were all given a fair share in my heart of hearts the world would be a much better place. Furthermore the creative world can be very petty and very cutthroat. I'm not sure why it's just something I've encountered time and time again, which I hate by the way. This became a compelling reason why I started my own company. I felt their needed to be a better way. And I also believe that sometimes you need to create the things you want to be apart of. You see animation, for not unlike many creative ventures, you can easily spend a 1000 hours pouring into a project and it can never see the light of day. Or worse you and a team could spend countless hours, resources and money into a project and it can never gain success. The creative world is very entrepreneurial. A great idea or product takes years to develop but it may never fly off the shelf. This might be where the marketing gurus come in and say they can sell anything, haha! That's a lie! In animation you're trying to connect with people not solve problems. Granted you might use animation to educate people about your product or service ultimately you're hoping the story in your animation makes an honest emotional leap to your audience and ties those warm fuzzies they have for the animation with your brand. If your story can't connect regardless of the pacakging you're gonna be the one stuck with it, no matter how smart, or beautiful it looks. It's a gamble! No one is entitled to success. Success in our world, and that's the creative world I'm talking about specifically is random! So what's the point of this whole post, that we're all going to have sincere disappointments? Yes, and!!! Yes the temptation or the stage of sour grapes ๐Ÿ‡ will happen and sometimes set in. However, in my opinion you're left with two things: vinegar or wine. ๐Ÿท What do I mean by that?

Well I'm no fermentation expert but I do understand some of the process. Eventually sour grapes can turn into vinegar. You've let your disappointments sour you as a person. That zest for storytelling has been crushed into a nihilist beverage that smells up the joint. Sure you've got all the reasons for why you've felt raw, mistreated or missed opportunities, or heck you're just tired of the industry games. You've let your disappointments sour your disposition. Perhaps it's made you fall out of love with storytelling all together. Hey if you're there right now that's ok. Just remember living in vinegar will spoil your senses. Now the other option is to make wine! Turn those sour grapes into a deep and full bodied wine! Allow yourself to see the industry games for what they are. Use your God given heart and brain to look for opportunities or develop strategies. Learn and don't stop! Wine is delicious and it's something that is also medicinal. Turn your sour grapes into sage advice. Warn others, reach out to those in need, try to tighten your strategies but don't let your sour grapes stop you from creating! An excellent way to turn your sour grapes into wine instead of vinegar is to share your stories with those you know will listen, or heck start a blog. It is my heart that this can encourage you no matter where you are in your journey. Last thing before I go. When you're facing sour grapes it's often helpful to remember why you're even creating in the first place. If all you're after is riches this is the wrong industry. And if all you're interested is fame then you've never truly been trolled - be trolled once and you'll have a different opinion of fame, also fame is silly and fickle. I don't want to be a flavor of the week I want to be a staple in people's diet. I'll confess this here since few know this - while I'm no Walt Disney and I most definitely am quite far away from this dream: for as long as I can remember it's always been my dream to be considered the next "Walt Disney". The kind of animator that creates lovable instant classics that the whole family can enjoy. Keep your dreams ahead of you, your passions around you and your failures behind you.


Thanks for reading until next time, and yes we'll for sure be talking about developing a pitch along with a "two-sheet".