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The Night Crew

So Monday this week something really exciting finally happened! A pilot film I created called "The Night Crew" became available on Amazon Prime Video.  The Night Crew is my nerdy love letter to Star Trek TNG, retro video games and autobiographical dirty jobs.

“Looks like the people that designed it had glaucoma” - Franklin

“Looks like the people that designed it had glaucoma” - Franklin

While the film in itself is only a few mins in length it's been my hope that someday I could launch it into a whole series. Basically if the film found an audience I'd complete a million episodes of comedic sci fi insanity! However before I get ahead of myself let's talk a bit more about the show. I'll do my best not to mention any spoilers.

It all began back in 2011 when my wife Katie and I were marathoning her favorite Star Trek series "Voyager" and she said "why isn't there ever a night crew? It's always the main characters doing everything and never a night crew!" She was so right! There was the spark of inspiration. 

Katie and I met back in 2007 while I was a fledgling musician and a part time night janitor. I hated my job and not because I was a janitor, I saw it like any other gig. I hated it because my supervisor was this obnoxious micromanager. It's one thing to clean toilets 🚽 but another thing entirely when someone along side you is  belittling you. And there you have it my human analog for combining life with fantasy.

The film was my senior thesis in college and I even created a kickstarter so I could afford to make some swag, t-shirts, posters, etc... Honestly after awhile I kind of just put the project on the shelf and never thought I'd touch it again. Yet my love of the things that inspired it: retro video games, sitcoms, pixel art and Star Trek only grew.  

So while the future of "The Night Crew" as a series is uncertain today it's available for nerds of all ages to watch and enjoy!


 Thanks everyone!