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Creative Partners  

I'm going be real with you and hopefully more so myself... you need help! Haha! I assume I'm not alone in this but I have creative ADHD, like all the time. The hardest part for me sometimes is just to sit down and focus on one good idea or task in front of me. Now I might sound like a complete scatter brain 🧠 but this is why I really enjoy working with other people. Because if all I had was just my own ideas they would bounce around like a pinball for eternity.  

Seldom am I ever the person that runs out of ideas, that's not to say all my ideas are good, far from it! Actually seldom is untruthful I never run out of ideas, I just run out of energy. Yet an idea is like a seed it needs watering and care for it to grow. I've come to recognize this as a fundamental reason why I need creative partners. I need someone to throw the idea spaghetti at and see what sticks. I also try not to stay married to my ideas too. All of this is of course easier said than done. Creative partners are about relational chemistry 🧪 - and relational chemistry is far from scientific.  

Call me a romantic but I believe a creative partner should be a dear friend - even if you both have vastly different tastes, ideas and values. When you're developing ideas many people and companies turn to communities to generate oodles of material or ideation but I find this the wrong approach. While I said it's important not to be married to your ideas ideas are especially at the beginning in their infancy. That means you need a strong chemistry to understand how eachother can nurture an idea. So if you just come up with a brainstorm of topics generated outside of a holistic approach like these big brands you miss out on the greatest aspects of creativity! Think for a moment of all the analogies given for cultivating creativity. Conception, nurture, develop etc... It's easy to liken our creative babies to actually human babies! Now typically our human journey starts with a good time (insert birds and bees). Looking at a baby you have little clue how they'll turn out. So a great idea or an awful idea doesn't really exist until you've put some time and energy into it to see how it turns out. Ideas can still very much be blank slates. This is why you and your creative partners need a hands on gut feel to how you work together. 

Let me expand my thinking just a bit more. Take a clever concept like the movie "Groundhog Day" 🎥. The character Bill Murray is comedically doomed to repeat the same day over and over again. This is a smart premise that seldom has been played with until recently. Then along came "Edge  of Tomorrow" a sci fi action movie and "Happy Death Day" a horror film. These other two films proved this concept is an untapped mine of story opportunities! However if you don't take the time to consider how a concept plays out and develop it you're leaving gold on the table. Again why it's important for a creative partner. A creative partner can help you refine you ideas and you can help draw out the same precious gems 💎 from them too. 

I think it's a myth that great story tellers need to have all the answers or a perfectly clear vision to create. This is a communal artform that's as much improvised jazz as it is anything. It's important to be comfortable with the evolution of an idea. And just like music it's all the years of study and practice that makes the performance work better and better each time.


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