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Burns & Cheese 🧀

This weekend Katie and I were invited to a friends Burns Night. For those unaware - because this is still a rather new thing to us, Burns' Night is a fun evening inspired by the poet Robert Burns which involves reading poems, singing songs and sharing food and beverages. 

Since this event was a potlucks I wanted to bring something unique and tasty. I've been a life long lover of cheese 🧀 so I thought what if I brought some homemade cheese.

Perhaps this doesn't sound that unusual to those more experienced in the culinary arts. But I've recently taken a study to creating cheeses and breads. Both these items being a staple in my diet it seemed like a practical thing to learn and enjoy doing. Secondly I like to consider myself a bit of a foodie - so the deeper my knowledge of food, is really only a plus. Crafting cheese is really quite simple it's all about cooking milk to an optimal temperature then adding citric acid which causes the milk to curd. You then cook the curd for a solid minute then remove from the heat. Afterwards you strain out the whey, the leftover milky citric water from the curds. And like that you've now made cheese! 

Theres something especially fun about creating your favorite foods for people to enjoy. So here I brought my homemade cheese to the Burns night and watching the smiling faces filled with this cheese while people saying "you made this?! It's delicious!" "Yep thanks! I made it earlier this afternoon." Sure I'm clearly patting myself on the back for a domestic accomplishment that people have mastered for eons. However, I'm reminded while we all go around the room reading 📖 lyrics of fancy and whimsical imagery that - just as we're enjoying words written by others long ago we can also enjoy the simpliest recipes that equally tie us to eachother and our history. A bit of cheese 🧀 and a bit of poetry! If that's not the essence of community then I do know what is?!


Keep the Burns night alive!