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💀 The Old Man & Death

( a retelling of an Aesop Fable)

There once was an old man carrying a large bundle of sticks up a mountain.  At a certain moment he accidentally dropped a branch from the bundle of sticks on his back. Reaching to pick up the stick he was so wracked with pain he cried out "I wish for death over this pain".

Immediately Death appeared in a cloaked and skeletal frame. Death looked at the old man concerning his request. The old man looked at Death and said "excuse me sir, could you kindly pick up that stick and place it upon my shoulders?"

The moral of the story is not all wishes grant happiness.

Thanks for reading my retelling of this short fable. What I've always enjoyed about this story is the dark sense of humor it carries. We all joke about death now and again in light of discomfort. However even if life is miserable it seems like the better alternative. Being careful what we wish for is a healthy outlook that I'm often reminded of by this story.