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🦁 The Lion's Share

(Another retelling of an Aesop fable)

The lion once asked for the fox and the jackal to assist with a hunt.


Now after the three of them had captured the prey it came time to divide up the spoils. The lion 🦁 immediately leaped on the carcass and said "this first third is for my effort in the chase! This second third is for my title as king of beast and this final third well let's see you try and take it from me!"

The moral of the story is though it's easy to share the work of the "great" it is difficult to share their reward.

I love this fable for how incredibly relevant it is today. I can't count how many times some self important person or brand with some ridiculous Instagram follower count has reached out to me or a friend of mine and asked to assist them move their arbitrary social media needle. And when you tell them the value of your time or services they turn an indignant nose at you or even far worse treat you like garbage. Even more so if you've ever helped someone achieve a great task then received nothing in return.

Not to stir the pot too much because I understand when you mention this topic it can upset people quite a bit. A long time ago I used to assist non profit startups, you might even call them "churches". Well it was often the case once I helped these self important "lions" achieve momentum they were clearly done with me and they never had any intention in sharing the fruits of the labor. This of course goes far beyond non profits and social media divas. But the important lesson for me is to beware of people that hoard reward. Steer clear at all cost! Your time and efforts are always valuable and let that be a great big red flag 🚩 when someone fails to appreciate it.


thanks for reading 📖