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​The Everlasting Jawbreaker 🍭

When I was a kid circa summer late 1980's there was a specific candy craze (among the many) going on regarding these giant novelty jawbreakers. Every kid my age seemed to be sporting a softball πŸ₯Ž sized white Jawbreaker. Every kid except me.

Looking back at this fad I remember feeling so left out by not participating in the Jawbreaker consumption. Until I finally scrounged together the cash πŸ’° to purchase my own novelty giant Jawbreaker.

The first thing I noticed when I tasted this Jawbreaker was how chalky and undesirable the actual flavor was. In kid terms it tasted like sugary envelope glue. Not only did it taste bad it seemed impossible to make any progress on this Jawbreaker. Every kid I knew had trouble consuming this candy down to the rumored rainbow 🌈 core. Other kids had heard stories that the center of the Jawbreaker was the best flavor you could imagine. Yet none of us could make a real dent in it. We had heard of a kid that tried to use a hammer to crack the Jawbreaker but when we tried it ourselves the Jawbreaker just bounced away with barely a chip.

The weekend after I had purchased this Jawbreaker I was invited to a pool party. To the utter disgust of every grown up I knew I had brought along my Jawbreaker. I had been working every waking minute trying to lick this Jawbreaker down like a gentle chisel. Still by the weekend I had left only a slight groove.

Knowing that I was heading to a pool party I brought along a plastic bag to wrap my Jawbreaker in between dives into the water. I didn't want my candy to touch the chlorine. After diving then retreats to lick πŸ‘… the Jawbreaker, rewrapping it up in the plastic bag then repeating the same action at the pool party another kid looked at me and said "what's wrong with your tongue?" I ran inside to find a mirror. My tongue was white. What I hadn't realized is all the while I was attempting to erode this colossal Jawbreaker with my tongue the Jawbreaker had in turn wore my tastebuds raw and turned my tongue white. It was there that I threw away my Jawbreaker - it had won and I was officially over this candy. 🍭

It took me a few days for my tongue to heal and begin to be able to taste regular food. Eventually a classmate showed me that they were able to dissolve their giant Jawbreaker in a warm bowl of water to reach the rumored candy core. However by this time I was disinterested.

My greatest take away from this story is had I been honest with myself I knew from the very first taste. This everlasting Jawbreaker with an awful flavor became my obsession. I'd like to say it was a lesson in endurance yet it was more a lesson that if at the first experience you're not enjoying something put it down and move on. There's no need to torture yourself with something that doesn't fit your tastes.

Thanks so much for reading πŸ“–