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The Diver 🌊

My Granda Neil used to tell this story about when he was in the Navy...

Living out at sea on a naval destroyer it was easy to feel bored and even more so little privacy. So perhaps it was a combination; his fellow crew mates on the ship 🚒 would often tell these elaborate stories of special talents they possessed without ever having the opportunity to prove it. One guy said he was an incredible craftsman, another that he could beautiful play the piano 🎹 and so on and so forth. Each sailor boasting a skill they never had to show. Now Neil came up with a lie that I'm itself wasn't very bright - he said "I'm an amazing diver".

Fortunately for him he spent most of his time below in the sonar room. There seemed hardly a time despite being surrounded by the ocean that he would ever have to live up to his alleged diving skills. Until one day his ship the U.S.S. Loftberg was in port and the crew had some time to kill. They looked over at Neil and said "Hey Neil why don't you show us your diving skills". Neil stuck between facing his lie and the tower cliff of the destroyer he opted to just dive in.

He leaped over the edge and plunged into the waters. His body rushed through the depths until his head sunk shoulders deep into the sand. Floating back up to the surface his ears ringing, eyes bloodshot, blood coming out of his ears and nose - his crew mates surrounded Neil in cheers saying  "wow Neil you are an amazing diver!"  Learning his lesson Neil smiled and decided he'd never dive again.

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