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🥃 Blast From My Musical Past

Today a rather interesting thing happen to me. If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a couple posts you’ll know that I used to be a musician. Still am a musician I suppose but I used to really identify myself a lot as a musician. Music at that time meant much of the world to me and was my primary creative outlet - from heartbreaks to happiness (mostly heartbreaks haha).

Recently a very talented friend of mine, designer and musician Victor Paredes and I started collaborating on some old tracks. One particular track that really stood out to Victor that I had recorded was a song called “Whiskey”. The song is about this person that I deeply cared about and how as much as I cared about them I just hated the way they medicated their unhappiness. I think theres a lot of people that can relate to this pain. What I didn’t realize while I was writing the song was in reality how truly depressed I was also - music was just my medicine the whole time..

Victor decided to resurrect the track and came up with just the most beautiful and sultry arrangement. So I can really only take credit for my acoustic guitar and tenor vocals. However, here while I am listening to a song I wrote and recorded over 12years ago it’s so encouraging hearing the song transformed into a new piece of art thanks to Victor!

This song was one time very special to me. I had written this track when my mother was still alive and she even saw me perform this song once at a coffee shop . It’s a bittersweet feeling how the story of this song started. However, hearing the song’s rebirth gives me a sense of joy the song never did before and peace that I’m letting go to the painful memories that brought it to be. Thanks so much Victor and thank you all so much for listening.

Take care,