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The Camino Adventure: Day Eleven

Thursday October 3rd 2019

Tears of Joy In Santiago

I started my day heading to the pilgrims office before 7am. The previous day they had closed before I had arrived. I was having to much fun with my new friends that I finally got to the office around 5pm. To explain how it works: after you've traveled the Camino and collected your passport stamps along the way you present it at the pilgrims office in Santiago to receive your certificate. The certificate says how many miles you walked, when you started and your name in Latin. 

Waiting in line for my compestela I meet up with my China Girls and I'm immediately perked up. They had become such a wonderful reminder that life is best with friends. After we grab our certificates we decide to grab some breakfast. As it was approaching 10am they invited me to Mass and I agreed, however I wasn't sure which cathedral it was as there are several in this town.

Then something unusual happened. A girl sat down next to me on my right. She looked like the mirror image of my ex wife when we first met. She started chatting with me while I was there eating with the my China Girls. As she started to share with me her life story, her interests, and mannerism, and etc aside from her being German, she was like someone had cloned Katie looks and personality. It was strange at best. No fault of her own but it was pretty clear to me I send out vibes in the universe to attract women like my ex wife.

I left the cafe and the German girl to catch up with my friends. We went to the San Francisco Cathedral for Mass and I had just a beautiful time. Afterwards the four of us had lunch. I tried snails for the first time. I wasn't impressed and all the girls talked about how they missed their spicy food.

Later we went inside the main cathedral. I saw the sepulcher of the Apostle Saint James. Hidden within this ornate box contains the bones of the man that directly knew Jesus of Nazareth, my Lord and savior. It was overwhelming as I felt connected with two thousand years of Christian history. We walked across this colossal place of worship marinating in the richness of the experience. At two separate altars I lit a candles: one for Katie and one for my father. I prayed for them, my bitterness towards them and to be filled with love towards them in best way possible. 

After the cathedral I treated the China Girls to some coffee and churros. They had become more than just my new friends, I felt like they were my new sisters. We hugged as we parted ways. Then the most beautiful thing someone had ever done for me: The China Girls turned around and began to sing to me in Chinese and wave as they said goodbye while I waited for my taxi. As they walked out of sight I could still hear their tender voices like angels in the breeze. When I returned to the hotel I broke down in tears over this moment. As long as I live I will treasure it. I had friends and my heart for the first in a long time felt full.