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The Camino Adventure: Day Fifteen

Monday October 7th 2019

Dust to Dust

I've observed something profoundly unique to this whole adventure. From The Camino in Spain to Lourdes and Paris France all three of these locations have something beautifully in common. They're all flooded with people from all across the world looking for a life changing experience! This isn't the sort of every day group of citizens. From the devout to the wavering to the seeking and unburdening every place has this in common. It might need further explanation to fully see the picture in my mind, perhaps it it's just the tapestry I'm seeing unfolding before me as I've walked each day in a new place, new town and met new people from every corner of the earth. 

On the road to Santiago my friend Moon from China gave me the most incredible advice. I was sharing with her about my life and my heart break. She asked if I had been receiving any help. I mentioned friends, family and even therapy. She asked some probing questions about my therapy and I mentioned how my therapist helped me with some guided meditations for anxiety and whatnot. She then said "mediation is perfect for you! Because to do meditation properly you need to be alone." I mentioned how I struggle with that and she said "oh me too that's why I have a cat". We both laughed. But her words about needing to experience aloneness in meditation and reflection struck me to my core. Just like I mentioned how all three locations revolved around people looking for an experience. An experience, even a shared experience, is still deeply personal. It's your eyes, ears, heart, mind and soul that experience something. While it feels great to spend those rich moments with loved ones an experience is personal.

So while yesterday as my eyes swelled with tears from the Eiffel Tower missing and wishing I could share the moment with Katie: She would of loved it. But even if she was with me it would still be my experience. Not hers that I have. Now my heart will have aches here and there as long as my lungs have breath. Yet they will come and go. At the end of the day it is your life to live not another's. That's the beauty of it! I can attempt to share something through my eyes but they will always be a distortion or filter from my experience. But I want the experience! Today I got to experience a complete dream come true! I got to visit the Louvre Art Museum in Paris. While on this trip we visited many cathedrals, this is one especially for me! My eyes gorged on the classics to the renaissance to ancient Egypt to Babylon to Greece and Roman to my favorite DaVinci! I got to see the Mona Lisa in person!!! It was absolutely incredible! I enjoyed breakfast at the Louvre cafe and overlooked the palace square. I walked for hours and hours soaking up the magnificent culture and stories across human history. They were grand and ostentatious! They were ornate and compelling! They were incredible! And they both made me feel insignificant and significant at the same time.

You see all these wonderful artists throughout the ages were the historians of their day. Be that to communicate a birth, death, event, afterlife or praise to a god, goddess, deity or dedicated to my faith. These artist told unique yet universal to their audience messages and stories. They told people an experience they were wanting to share. And it's this sacred task these artist performed; sometimes to educate, entertain or inspire, they poured their lives into their work. It's reframed my life seeing such beauty. It's refreshed my soul feeling such unity and its renewed my heart and mind walking The Camino. I only need to share my message from my perspective and if my experiences touch others God bless it. And if it's doesn't that's ok for the world is a great big place with lots of places and opportunities for others to connect. I'm humbled by this time in Spain and now France. Seeing the Eiffel Tower and then the Louvre has given me a larger view while narrowing my desires. I don't need more to be at peace. All I need is to the experience the day, love those that God gives me to love and sincerely do the tasks that are near to my heart. This isn't to sound bleak but precious. From dust we came and dust we will return; because we're all apart of the same Potter's clay.