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The Scorpion 🦂 & The Frog 🐸

There once was a great flood that was taking place and all the creatures nearby the river were fleeing for higher grounds. All except a lone frog 🐸. The frog was just enjoying the rising currents in the river and watching creatures scurry. Until the frog heard the cries of a scorpion 🦂.

The scorpion 🦂 cried out "please, please save me, save me!" Tiring of hearing the scorpion's cry the frog replied. "Why should I do that? You'll obviously sting me and we'll both drown!" Nonetheless the scorpion continued to cry out for help. Until the frog replied once more saying "I'm not going to save you! You're a scorpion and you'll for sure sting me and we'll both drown!" This time the scorpion replied I swear I won't sting you I swear it!" The frog worn down and now convinced let the scorpion hop upon the frog's shoulders. As the frog was half way across the river the scorpion stung him. The frog in agony looked at the scorpion and said "you swore you wouldn't sting me! Now you've killed us both!" The scorpion replied "you knew my nature when you let me upon your shoulders". Then they both drowned beneath the waters.

Often times the moral of this story is that it's foolish to trust a person you know to have a cruel nature. Or another phrase that " a tiger can no longer change its stripes than for a person to change their nature." However I have an alternative thought to this story. You see the frog was unlike all the other creatures that fled from the rising floodwaters. My take is that those who relish in drama will invite tragedy. The frog was a tourists while the scorpion was a karmic suicide assassin. Perhaps the nature of the scorpion was to great to resist the urge to sting the frog even at the risk of its own life. Yet the frog deliberately placed itself in danger.

I blame the frog and the scorpion. Avoid drama or the game of drama and you'll avoid being roped into an unwanted tragedy. Yes avoid people that have proved to be scorpions but avoid floods in general and you'll save yourself a greater risk.

This is just my take on a classic fable. Thank you so much for reading 📖.