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A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.

Warnings ⚠️ & Declarations

As those who are aware this blog lives on my company website - So while these posts live on my website they are the opinions and experiences of myself Jesse Bray. The owner of Mr. Bray Studios. 

My company isn't some publicly traded company with stock options or fancy offices. Mr. Bray Studios is just the legal name for my brand. While currently I talk about my team or team dynamics it's truthfully myself that makes up most of my company. Yes I have a "team" of goto artists that I call upon when the projects are right or require the additional help. However, I'm just a small fish in an ocean of all other studios trying their best to stay competitive and a float. If this confession turns you away from my studio I'm at peace with that. Honestly I'm more at peace that I'm expressing my limits. If you think I have the resources of a large studio or that I have command over an army of creatives you're sorely mistaken. I'm just one man that has some great friends, creative partners and some wonderful connections to help you possibly with your design or animation projects. 

What that means is you're hiring me! The "Mr. Bray" - not someone that hangs out under an umbrella of core values or underlings that sorta align with my values. You're hiring the person that wears all the hats at Mr. Bray Studios. And yes if the project is large and wide and requires the "team" I make that happen for you. But I'm your goto contact. What that also means is that if there's a glaring oversight or mistake on the blog or this website it's my fault. I'm just one person. My overhead is lower than a large studio but I'm hungrier than they are!


What that also means is while I share opinions and life experiences here in my blog they reflect me not a group of other people's views. They're my values. I'm not hiding behind a brand to pretend like I'm not without my own very personal thoughts on money, or politics or faith. I'm not afraid of a social media disaster - I'm not concerned or "significant" of a figure for that to matter. What that means is if you read something that resonates with you that's genuine and if something rubs you the wrong way understand it's just one persons personal point of view. 

I'm giving these "Warnings & Declarations" because I believe that anyone interested in working with me deserves to know what I stand for and what I don't. I believe that in order for me to expect you to be brave enough to trust me with your creative babies I must prove this first by being open, honest, and bravely vulnerable too!

I also believe that if we're honest with ourselves and recognize we all have dirty laundry 🧺 we won't feel so ashamed about our need for help. I'm just a regular guy with an extraordinary story but that's in the end just a regular guy. 


Thanks for reading 📖