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What's For Dessert?🧁

My grandfather, Papa Neil 👴 was the king 👑 of breakfast foods, especially pancakes. He would make such elaborate pancakes - some with multiple colors and shapes. He'd often  make ninja turtle 🐢 pancakes or even spell out the first letter of your name in your favorite color pancakes 🥞. 


It's such a treasured memory that I've even started perfecting my own flapjack flipping skills for my wife and nieces. My Papa Neil's recipe was a bit usual but at the same time classic. He always used Bisquick and seltzer water for his batter and lots of real butter on the grill. He used to tell me "the secret to a perfect pancake is to watch for the bubbles. Once the bubbles are mostly all gone it's time to flip. Then you remember to let the other side cook for approximately the same time it took for all the bubbles to pop." And it works like a charm. Perfectly golden brown pancakes every time!


While my Papa was the king of breakfast on occasion he'd take us out to breakfast - usually after church ⛪️. One of my fondest memories is when my Papa took my baby brother, Ian and I out to a pancake house. I got pigs in a blanket and my little brother got chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup, strawberries 🍓 and whipped cream piled on top. My little brother, Ian about three years old at the time, smiling ear to ear and face completely covered in chocolate 🍫 exclaimed right after finishing the last bite "Ok Papa, what's for dessert?!"  


We all laughed, though I'm sure Ian wasn't joking he could of gone for dessert haha. 


Food is a wonderful way we can connect with our loved ones. Be that pancakes or dessert it's this reminder that food can be the most basic thing to make someone or yourself feel loved. 


So today I encourage you to look for a bit of dessert in your day - be that to reminisce on a fond memory or make a new moment.



thanks for reading 📖