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Glass Flowers

Circa 2006 I wrote a song dedicated to my sisters. My younger sister Jaime was attending Oregon State University and she'd graciously let me crash at her place for what I considered songwriting binges.  This is where I had the chance uninterruptedly to pour into my music.


I had just moved back up from Mexico and beyond from a year I spent as a missionary, followed by a time playing with bands. Here at my sisters apartment I honed my songwriting chops, and even tested these new tracks out on her roommates with mini living room concerts.


I had a very strong & unique relationship with my sisters back then, especially two of my sisters. My older sister, Micah and my younger sister, Jaime. We grew up together and had survived turmoil, trauma and poverty. Which ultimately cemented our connection like "brothers in arms" so to speak.


In high school I tried to have a special moment or ritual that I did with my sisters, just to remind them I loved them. One of my favorite memories was how every Thursday I'd buy Jaime and I Carl's Jr. and we'd sit in my Chrysler Lebaron and chat for hours.  


I feel so incredibly privileged to have had the love of my sisters growing up, even while there were so many forces that were acting the opposite. I'm forever grateful for those relationships! And it is with great joy I share the following song, which is a love letter to my sisters, my "Glass Flowers".