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The word "Selah" is a choral term littered throughout the book of Psalms. Over and over again the poet, and musician King David uses the word between phrases. Selah means to stop and think. It's a brilliant device when you consider it. The author is asking the reader to slow down so to speak and think about what you've read.

This attitude of slowing down and reflecting has been very much my current stance on life. In light of all the ups and downs, twists and turns taking time to stop and think has been life giving. From mindfulness meditation, to journaling and exercising to simple reflection these are just bit of what I consider my self care. 

It feels silly to say this stuff but this blog has been very therapeutic to me. Setting aside the time to vent, rant and release the inner workings of my mind has given me so much agency. Perhaps not the most eloquent of essays but I earnestly try to write from the heart. Which is why I've been doing so much digging through my musical past.  

In March of 2008 I released an ep from a now defunct musical venture called "Bella Rue". The band was made up of my wife, Katie & myself. Katie lended her voice and I wrote and recorded all the instruments and sang as well.

The song here that I wrote is from a time in my life where I sincerely pursued being a pastor, a story for another time. Yet here I felt vulnerable enough to share an intimate perspective about my very personal beliefs. The song is about Jesus of Nazareth, which I gather some readers might check out or avoid listening all together. I understand faith has a polarizing effect on people. However while I try to see all sides as much as possible, and be sensitive to other people, this blog is ultimately about my journey and my experiences. So while the track is preachy remember I used to be a preacher haha.

The track isn't about hell, turn or burn or anything off putting like that. It's about gratitude for a person that I love and His sacrificial life. I grew up in the post hippy Jesus movement so love songs were my tradition, which can feel foreign to those used to doctrines or creeds in there music.

To me I get love songs, I kinda feel if your songs aren't love songs then how can you call it a worship song since the word worship translates to "turn and kiss". There's an inherent affectionate quality to a love song that to me rings true with songs about God, unless you don't believe in God or don't love God. Which I get that's a pretty big gap to bridge. I honestly don't judge people that feel different than the way I do. We all have our reasons and experiences for why we believe what we believe.

I plan on sharing more faith related stories in the future, especially my missionary and church planting stories. And they're by no means a bed of roses. I've seen both wonderful and woeful things throughout my faith journey. Yet for now if you feel compelled to listen to this track, a love song, please Selah, stop and think today about loving yourself as well.


thanks for reading 📖 and listening 👂