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Pepsi Unfortunately

One morning I see next to me on the coffee table my unfinished can of Pepsi from the night before. Being 13yrs old and not concerned with the taste of room temperature cola I took a drink. As I was drinking I noticed something wiggly and scraping the back of my tongue. I immediately spit it out and to my absolute horror it was an earwig! The nasty little insect had fallen into my beverage.

Now granted this isn't Pepsi's fault. Yet for years the sight of that iconic blue can made my throat itch. While recently for my health I've been steadily limiting my sugar drink intake however, one bad or in this case an exceptionally bad experience can forever taint your tastes.

Sure the end results might mean me  choosing a different soda yet isn't much of life like this? An awful experience that really was aside the product or service that can steer you clear from a thing all together. Now personally I'm more of an RC cola fan when it boils down to it. Though as I try to challenge myself these days by asking why do I feel or think the way I do about a thing? And even more so examining how personal likes and dislikes can shape and in some cases define you - I want to continue to ask why? And if my old prejudices or painful experiences have relevance today.


I don't want to ask anyone to do something that makes them feel unsafe - but perhaps today think about why you feel strongly a certain way about a thing. See if it has value for today.

Thanks so much for reading 📖