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Naturally Curious

When I was five or six years old I did a bad thing. The night before Christmas I meticulously, or as meticulous as a young kid can be, opened a gift with my name on it. Inside was a radio controlled Godzilla toy with glowing eyes, realistic roar, and animatronic arms and legs. I was so excited I couldn't believe how incredible this toy was!

The next morning when we all got together to open our presents I remember feeling a slight numbness to the excitement I had from the night before. I had spoiled my surprise. However I still had my radio controlled Godzilla. I was intrigued with how this toy worked I couldn't help but eventually pulling the toy apart to learn how it worked. While I made a mess and I'm very sure there were missing pieces and the toy didn't work quite the same when I placed it back together, I learned a valuable lesson. 

I learned the power of curiosity! Learning anything new can be a challenge yet if you're naturally curious it can make the whole experience a rush fueled by interest.  The older I get the more I try to examine my past to help me with my current values. Sometimes I'm embarrassed by my past sometimes I'm inspired. Nonetheless the mini personal archeological digs have helped me. We all have these little treasures hidden within that are worth rediscovery, so perhaps Today let's lean into our natural curiosity.


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