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Printing Kidneys

We live in a pretty incredible time! It seems almost like there's a never ending technological miracle happening every day! 


At the beginning of the year I started doing some freelance driving gigs for supplemental income; Lyft & Doordash particularly. I just want to frame this post with a bit of a confession. We all have seasons in our life and there's no shame in having a side hustle to make ends meet. I struggled with this at first because I felt it might override my mind or make me feel low because not all of my time was being allocated to my favorite work. That was hugely incorrect. The truth is my industry and many others is often feast or famine. You'll work 65+ hours one week then maybe  zero hours the next week. A side hustle can seriously help you have a bit of financial balance. Plus you don't have to commit to anything longer term or on going. One of the greatest things about those freelance gigs aside from the total flexibility is the opportunity to meet new people.  

One such person I met really impressed me! He was a doctor. We got to chatting like usual and I discovered he was a kidney transplant doctor. He shared with me some fascinating details about the difficulties of his job, especially in context to compatible donors. Apparently a donor even if they share the same blood type and are related still face the possibility that there might be trouble with the host rejecting the new kidney. 

This is where having read an exciting article in Wired years prior in college I brought up the topic of printed organs, such as kidneys. Well to my amazement my rider immediately perked up and said "that was me being interviewed in that Wired article!" Here I was a graphic designer  taking a morning Lyft shift and I got to meet someone who performed miracles! Total highlight of my day and beyond! The doctor continued to explain the complexity, much of it over my head, of how they create the matrix required to grow tissue and organs.

To me this experience is a reminder that we're all continually surrounded by extraordinary people doing extraordinary things! Some of us like myself get to share their stories, others get to create the stories, all of us are more connected than we realize.