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What is Your Everest?

I'm a dreamer to a fault. I think the impossible on a whim all the time. This might make me sound like some innovator or visionary. But those are just silly words for a head in the clouds dreamer. As a society we glorify these imaginative people in media, tech and beyond. However it often boils down to two things that give these people worth: wealth and opportunity. 

Take any invention from the creator of radio to television to electricity many people were simultaneously developing the same idea at some other location. Yet the winners like Farnsworth, Edison, Disney & Jobs weren't the originators. They were lucky or affluent enough to find their voice or product to become the loudest. Such is business.


You have a great product, story or idea which might even be able to help better the world but there's really no guarantee your projects will ever see the light of day. Yet we still create. We still dream. Why am I seemingly lamenting about the plight of the dreamer? Well two reasons... 

1. Talking about this reality helps me be at peace. 

2. Speaking a dream out loud regardless of how wild and impossible feels profoundly cathartic. 


One particular dream that's been a labor of love and heart ache has been an animated children's show I've been developing. The show is called "Kafka & Normie". It's about a beetle and worm that live in the attic of a library and they go on literary adventures together.

The premise of the show is somewhat reminiscent of that classic live action kids show called "Wishbone" with that adorable dog that re-enacts stories from books. I absolutely loved that show as a kid and I can honestly say that it was one of the few programs aside from Mr. Roger's & Reading Rainbow that actively gave me a thirst for reading. 

You see while I've mentioned this in previous posts I grew up much of my childhood homeless. However these shows when I did view them ignited a flame inside be like no other. I was obsessed with libraries, still am! Even being homeless and not in school I tried to go to the library whenever possible. I would often get there when the doors opened and stay till they closed. The library is the simplest and purest way for anyone to feel rich! They offer access to the greatest wealth and depth of subjects and knowledge from history and around the world all at your fingertips. 

This is why this silly animated kids show means so much to me. It represents my salvation. The library saved me. And it's through this love of adventure of reading that I want to share that same spark. If I can hopefully reach even one child in need, like I was, I can truly leave this world fulfilled. So for me my Mt. Everest is this animated kids show. Albeit more of what the kids show represents to me.  


So I ask you this question: what is your Everest? What is a great labor of love that you do regardless of the outcome?


thanks for reading along 📖