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The Temple

I dreamt last night that I was climbing up an enormous mountain of stone steps towards a Buddhist temple. Step after step I saw and passed many other devotees heading in the same direction.

Finally as I approached the entry way I could see a billowing fog of what looked like incense as patrons poured in and out of the doorway. Crossing the door way I was ecstatic for what was about to happen. I had the anticipation of an experience of zen or pristine awareness in store.

As I walked through the fog I saw inside this temple was in reality a massive buffet as far and my eyes could see. Here was the hustle and bustle of a hoping restaurant and everything looked so delicious! It's at this point I woke up to the sound of my own laughter.


Sometimes a dream is absurd sometimes it's a cosmic joke - this seemed to be a bit of both. Thanks for following along.