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Visited By Ganesha

Recently I've been really digging meditation. Like big time. Seems like a silly thing to brag about. I often half close or close my eyes for anything from a few breathes to several minutes and just focus on my breathing. It's a sweet way to chill and be in the present. Not all sessions are equal by any degree. But they're always beneficial to helping me focus on the here and the now. I could go on as to why I struggle with that but honestly I'm not unique to this. We all have this monkey mind so to speak. A brain train that doesn't want to slow down for a second. A mind that's desperately clinging to ideas, subjects and objects in a frantic sorta way.

However, sometimes I have these far out experiences when I meditate. That even while it's important not to get attached to them I still like to write them down as a reference. An experience is an experience. And that's worth noting in my book. Even if after a session I just cleared my busy thoughts or struggled with gaining attention. An array of experiences helps me to let go of all the stuff and just be. 

Like I mentioned recently I've been digging meditation. This one time I met Ganesha. Now I'm not Hindu and never really versed myself in Ganesha lore or literature. At least not before I met the dude. Now don't get me wrong I know I met Ganesha in my mind but it was real and very powerful.  It was a next level experience that I can't quite shake even though I should. Especially since  meditation teaches us to let things go.

I had been wrestling with some heavy stuff so I decided to really dig my heels until I was in a particularly focused state of meditation. I saw myself shoot up into the inky black sky like a comet. All around me were constellations. Each constellation formed a familiar shape then in the distance I saw a cluster of stars that made the silhouette of Ganesha seated in the lotus position. I took a closer look and out from the stars appearing before my very eyes was the physical form of Ganesha. He placed his trunk on my right shoulder and I felt a transmission of energy. Like He was downloading cosmic secrets into my being. I felt calmer and more at peace than I could remember. I even smelt a sweet aroma in the air and warmth of His trunk on my chest. I opened my eyes and He was gone. But not really. I felt Him strangely with me for the next couple days. The warmth and the smells would randomly reemerge.  

Later I would dive into some homework on my Ganesha and discover He's the deity of removing obstacles, among many things. And it was clear in my mind why He visited me. Be that a vision, or visitation Ganesha placed a peaceful mark on me and it helped me down the road of my spiritual journey. 

You might think I'm some crazy hippie. To be candid I for the most part consider myself a Christian. Albeit when it comes to spirituality I'm honestly more into the mystic vibe. I want an experience not a ritual. Be it Lao Tzu, Buddha, Christ, Kabbalah, Krishna, Zarathustra, Mohammed(PBUH) or beyond if they've got something to offer me via wisdom, peace or presence I'm listening. I'm not here to pass judgments on what people encounter. I'm not after artificial abstracts or dogmatic truths. I'm after experiences, and reality. So when I share this very personal experience I get its odd. But it's also strangely cool.


Thanks for following my journey, 


Stay present!