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First Job

The other day I got to chatting with some folks about their first jobs. One person mentioned food services another person mentioned labor. And it got me thinking my first job was a pretty odd one. I remember it quite vividly. Aside from pulling weeds or mowing lawns my first job was illegal. 

My step-father had me at 10-11yrs old go around door-to-door selling hot phone cards. Hot as in they were stolen(a fact I'd later learn). And here's the crazy thing I knew my step-father wasn't gonna let me keep a penny and I'd get a beating if I didn't sell them all. So I jacked the price up on each stolen phone card I was selling by a few bucks. 

It was a odd job for sure. But doing odd jobs would later become a bit of the usual for me. Perhaps I'll share more on that at another time.

Life has a weird way of driving us in all sorts of directions we never would of thought possible. But we all have to start from somewhere. And you really only get one first of something, be that a bit boring or a bit bizarre, Thanks for following along.


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