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Six Realms: The Titan Realm

The battle raged on for ten years. Each side inching back and forth from victories. Until the mighty Titans hatched the ultimate scheme! To overthrow the Gods of Olympus they decided to stack one mountain upon the other to literally gain the higher ground in the fight.

However what the Titans didn't anticipate was the new Gods had been given magical weapons of mass destruction. With an invisible helmet Hades soared into the air dive bombing from above into the spines of the Titans. Poseidon, with his triton sent tsunamis in all directions wrecking against the Titans bodies. Then the final blow was given by the God of Thunder himself, Zeus. Raining down an electric storm like canons of static and lightening, he struck down the remaining Titans as if they were parchment. The war was over. The Titans had lost and now were doomed to Tartarus and the underworld.

The Titan Realm. 

The story above depicts the literal Titans of Greek myth. Yet it is this constant over reaching or stretching that can be described when we're in the Titan Realm. The name Titan means "stretcher". When our lives become this constant battle, or never ending competition we're living in the Titan Realm. Nothing is good enough and everyone is a foe to overcome. We make war for the sake of having more. This is a prison of always needing to compete.

Years ago I remember a tacky yet popular bumper sticker that said "Whoever dies with the most toys wins". What a sad existence to just be living to undermine the next person or collect the next useless toys.

The ancient Egyptian God of the Sun, Ra was also known in the Greek tongue as Helios. Helios, the Titan God of the Sun. After the Greeks conquered Egypt it's a pretty clear picture that the battle of the titans and Olympian Gods was the rise and fall of two religions. The old weaved into the new but ultimately being subjugated to the new faith. So while there's a clear historical context of the Titans reflecting a changing societal upheaval the desire to war can happen from fear of change or fear of losing control.

When the urge rises up inside us to war against others especially for neither noble or enlightening things it robs us of the present and it teleports us to the ever struggling Titan Realm.

 When we stop the war within us we leave this realm and learn to be in the here and now.


Stay Present,