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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye...

I've been currently going through a very painful legal separation with my partner of 12yrs. This has caused me a lot of distress and heartache like I never known possible. Yet a strange sense of beauty has emerged. Friends and family have been so overwhelmingly supportive and comforting. These amazing relationships, many who don't live within a thousand miles of me have slowly been melting away my thoughts and feelings of isolation and aloneness. While this hurt is a bit too fresh to speak of at lengths. I am hopeful for the future. I can't say at the present where I'll physically be in next few months, however I feel pulled both by opportunities and necessities to leave Portland, Oregon. 

My life here has transitioned and my new chapter is across the sea or states away. I'll always have a piece of my heart in Oregon. But the universe is in a very real sense calling me away.

Stay Present,