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Delusion or Death 💀

Delusion or Death 💀 

Nightmare at the doomsday cult

Here I was in a long line of people working my way through this large room of a library of a conspiracy theorist gift shop. Books, pamphlets, votives, statues all random articles claiming secret truths and end of the world prophecies. 

As the line moved deeper into the building the pathway became a spiral carpeted stair case. Until the line of people came to an abrupt stop obstructed by a large tub that recessed into the floor. Then a large booming voice started speaking "delusion or death, delusion or death, choose! Delusion or death!"

Peeking into the large tub I see a shallow pool of toxic water and what clearly looks like rotting flesh submerged in the pool. The person ahead of me sets a foot in the water and immediately begins to transition into a living decaying monstrosity.

Across from the tub is a rows of other patrons in, this now clearly a temple of death, are other rotting humans. Each in further layers of decomposition. Again I hear the booming voice say "delusion or death, delusion or death choose delusion or death!"

At this point I turn tail and begin to race through the crowd towards the entrance of the building. Almost to the exit an usher begins chasing after me and says "stop STOP you're NOT allowed to leave with any items." The usher pulls some literature from my pockets as I slip past and narrowly escape outside.

I wake up safe and sound in my bed. Yet I still hear the echo of the booming voice saying "delusion or death, delusion or death choose delusion or death!"