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The Camino Opportunity

My hearts been broken for the last month and half. My wife and best friend for the past twelve years decide she no longer loves me, left me and filed for a divorce. This has been an emotional whirlwind. So to gain a fresh start I'm moving to Southern California to be closer to more animation opportunities, particularly with doors now opened for me to work with Netflix. 

With the scale of relationships tipping one way and the career potentials swinging the opposite direction an even more sober opportunity for me has emerged. The Camino! 

Now if you're like me until recently I had zero clue of what the Camino was. I knew of a couple from a church I once attended that mentioned they had walked across Europe and may have vaguely heard the word Camino pop up in conversation. But I paid little to no attention to what they were raving on about. This only comes to mind now as I start my homework for this trip in September.

During this incredibly difficult time of separation my older sister flew up to spend a few days with me. She helped me pick myself up and handle this tragedy of my divorce. I know I'm not alone, a lot of people have been divorced, heck my sister had gone through it and even more alone than I was. However, like thinking you're never going to get cancer was the total shock to my system that I'd be losing my best friend. I always thought that would of happened with one of us passing away in our old age not twelve years into our life together. Yet here enters my absolute blessing of my sister. She's a travel writer and even works with a touring company. Specifically they take people on pilgrimage trips, particularly the Camino. And with an amazing grace her company has reserved a space for me to go with their upcoming group in the fall.

Now the Camino is this millennium old trek that involves following the steps of the saints that brought the bones of Saint James the Greater, disciple of our Lord Jesus, up from Jerusalem to a believed resting place of his remains. While I wasn't raised Catholic I was raised Christian. Albeit from a quasi-cult like crazy hippy Christian church in southern Oregon. Nonetheless I connect with the power of reflection and spending time to work on your inner self. My spiritual journey has been a steady and providential thing in my life. My faith has brought me through the roughest of times. So while I'll be spending this upcoming time preparing for The Camino the work I'll really being doing is inward as I let go of my broken heart to the maker of my soul. 

I begin this new chapter with a step at a time. A step followed by an innumerable host of sincere and hurting people looking to find a healing deeper than they could of imagined.