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The Three Lanterns - Part One: The Cave

The following story, isn't exactly fiction. It is the retelling of a true and reoccurring dream I've had after my mother passed away. I call it the "The Three Lanterns".  This is the first of a four part post. Hope you enjoy.

Here I was a boy of ten years old. Dressed in black shorts, black cap and the remains of a school uniform. I was walking at twilight in a dark silhouette against the crimson and turquoise sky. Approaching the mouth of a cave I could see a faint gray glow deep within the recesses of the entrance. 

I stumbled across the rock formations and protrusions. I scuffed my knees, knuckles and grazed my cheek. Descending deeper and deeper within, the gray light begins to flicker, almost pulsate like the beating of a heart. Crawling on my belly for what felt like a mile I slipped through a crevice in the rock, only to emerge to the sight of a vast and open cavern. The gray light wasn't one light but actually millions of tiny illuminated plants. 

Carefully I make my way in the floor of the den. I now notice that each bioluminescent plant is sprouting from their own small pool of water. These glowing plants spiral in a straight and vertical direction, as if they were reaching for the sky. Walking along this hidden garden of sparkling lights in a sea of darkness I see three greater lights. Distinct in color in and at different corners of the underground garden; a red light, a yellow light and a green light. I make my way towards the yellow light. As the distance shortens a thick fog appears and twists around the yellow light. A wind picks up and forces me towards the source of the yellow glow. I'm rushing closer and closer. I can clearly see that the yellow light is coming from a skull shaped lantern. I'm within an arms reach, as I place my foot down the wind stops. All other lights in the cave go dark. The Yellow Skull Lantern is perched on a small rock surrounded by a tiny watery moat. My foot slips on the wet stone and I plunge into the water...

To Be Continued..

Stay tuned for part two "The Three Lanterns: The Yellow Light"

Original story & dream by: Jesse Bray