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The Three Lanterns - Part Two: The Yellow Light

Sinking like a stone into the inky black pool of the cave, bubbles rush like soda water across my nose and mouth. They tingle and burn as I force my eyes open. The water is clear and a single beam of light from the yellow lantern pierces through the liquid. I reach for the ray and I'm immediately above the water, now holding the yellow skull lantern. 

On closer examination the light from the skull lantern is actually a yellow flame which wraps itself around the object. There's no heat from the flame and I'm completely unharmed from the fire. Yet the yellow fire dances across every inches of the skull. I look inside the eyes of the skull and I'm now immersed in the yellow flames.

I'm teleported through visions. At a moment I'm holding my grandpa's hand as we're walking through an antique car show. Next the image cuts to us enjoying some ice cream. We both laugh and I'm on his knee as he sings me a silly song about an alligator. Next he's making me ninja turtle pancakes and an extra special pancake shaped like the first letter of my name. Then I'm holding a tiny briefcase and I'm sitting with him at a business meeting, being perfectly polite. Moments later we're in his van laughing and singing down the highway. Then we're seated in a grassy pew in an outdoor amphitheater. There's a wild eyed and red bearded preacher baptizing people in a small swimming pool. I look at my grandpa and he invites me to take the plunge. 

Now I'm back in the cave where I was looking inside the eyes of the skull lantern covered in heatless yellow flames. I instinctively know, this lantern is my deceased grandpa. The most important man in my life. The man that taught me faith in God and faith in people. The man that showed me unconditional love and warmth. The man that was the closest I had to a father up until the age of ten years old. This cave must truly be my mind and these lights must represent important memories or experiences in my life. Yet this yellow lantern is the foundational light in my life. A light that would guide me, unbeknownst to myself all my life. This lantern was the first to place a price tag on my worth. 

I set the yellow lantern down and the cave floor opens up to retrieve it. The lantern descends deep into the rock. The flickering gray lights reappear and soon I see the pulsating red light in the far corner of the cave. This time I take extra care not to slip on the wet stones. The red light in on a small mound that I need to climb upwards on hands and feet. This lantern is also a skull yet the red light it emits looks more like liquid than fire. As I reach for it the lantern I burn my fingers. The red liquid juts outward and creates a circle of fire in all around myself and the skull lantern. The heat licks at my heels as my shoes begin to melt from the fumes. My mind gets fuzzy and I begin to pass out...

To Be Continued

Stay tuned for part three of "The Three Lanterns: The Red Light"

An original story & dream by:

Jesse Bray