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The Raging Case Of Casey Black

Story by: Jesse Bray 

The night sky is a murky purple. The cherry of a lit cigarette burns to the butt. The ash falls to Casey's lip and scorches his chin. Casey slams his foot on the gas pedal. His rusted blue truck picks up speed as it pops up the bridge. Flying faster and faster until it breaks and plummets off the side of the rails. Down below, what looks like hundreds of feet is a tumultuous unforgiving river. Casey clutches his steering wheel. A bible slides across the bench seat. Casey Black is about to die...

Casey was never hit by his father but he wanted to hit him good. He felt the old man had deliberately placed his foot on Casey's neck just to see him suffer many times. Chaos was the mans parental guide book. He lived a self righteous mind with a sailors tongue and a lawyers lifestyle. Casey never saw himself in this man. Casey was easily distracted, down right happy as often as he'd allowed it.

But Casey hated his old man for being his old man. Like the crazy person in Edgar Allen Poe's classic "Tell Tale Heart" that went nuts and offed the geriatric with the cataract eye. Casey was haunted by his father's relentless unavailability and       hollow quips. If Casey could of shook life into the bastard to get a rise out him he would of. 

Yet Casey eventually could careless after awhile, until Casey found the substance K. Here was a new drug that was perfectly legal and potentially cheap to get a hold of. Casey wasn't a casual user either. He found himself on this substance, night and day, good times and the bad. The drug had always been around and was even easy to whip up a homemade batch. But Casey found the drug more than medicine, more than a numbing agent. Casey found it as his life's purpose. 

Casey eventually left his work and family to use the drug full time. He used instead of ate. He used instead of drank. He used instead of getting out of bed, he used instead of talking to other people. He was the drug as far as he saw himself. His mind fractured and he couldn't live without it. If something or someone got between him and substance K he'd cut it out of his life or remove it. He'd fight like hell and jump fifteen steps ahead just to keep it. He was in all sense of the word an addict. Addicted to having the substance, being near and with the substance and being on the substance. This drug was his whole life.

When his finances and health began to rot he used all the more. When his relationships and family life began to fray he used the drug all the more. He even told off the old man, the man that did him to his eyes harm and kept him from his drug. 

He slung a noose around his own neck and it was called substance K. When he'd use his heart would race, and his blood would chill. Like ice flowing through a river it changed him as a person to his own riverbed. Then the worst thing happened.

The drug stopped working. The more he tried to use the less and less effects it had on him. Eventually it got even worse as the drug disappeared from all the local shops and even the ingredients for home remedy couldn't even be found. He felt abandoned, he was abandoned. 

So Casey desperate for meaning, desperate for feeling. Picked up a vice for vice sake. He didn't smoke but smoking was the right kinda bad that made him feel like he finally looked the part. He reached out to the old man one last time. Mostly through anger mixed with confusion. He wanted to punch that old bastard so hard for never being there for him. But all he felt was the deep sadness of his missing drug. So he sat in his truck and lit up a cigarette.

His heart racing he wanted to feel alive or dead, either way one would do the job. Fuming up the hill, his foot wedged on the gas pedal seeing the bridge up ahead. He swerved into the rails and went over the edge. His eye noticing his bible in his seat. He knows what he's doing or at least he knows he'll eventually know where he's going. The waters crash through his windshield on impact. Casey Black is smiling. His rage within is full and now finally empty. Liquid begins to fill his lungs. He breathes it all in. This is what he wants. An end to the endless gnawing pain. He lost everything thing that gave him anything so he's ready to give up everything.

Casey's eyes begin to close. His hate filled heart is now empty. He's ready for his rage to end.

The End