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The Three Lanterns - Part Four: The Green Light

 The final chapter of - The Three Lanterns: The Green Light

Pushing through the wall of emerald dust I can see the green light clearly now. It is again another flaming skull lantern. Yet the fire from this lantern is more like green ashes. It fills the air and sticks to my skin and clothing. When I reach for the lantern the dust like flames are ice cold. The chill hurts worst than being burned. Placing my hands on the skull lantern a vortex of green smoke thrusts itself down my throat. I can’t breathe and my chest is in extreme pain. 

It’s evening of my honeymoon week and I’m seated sadly on the couch in our beach side hotel. My guitar is by my side and I feel all alone while my new bride sleeps soundly in the other room. I’m now at the store excitedly purchasing a pregnancy test, hoping for the best. It comes up negative, she sighs relief, I just sigh. I slip on the carpet and accidentally run my hand across a mirror which slices my palm. I’m dizzy from the blood, she barely takes notice. It’s 2am and I’m in tears expressing my deepest hurt, she falls asleep completely disinterested. We’re at the church service and I feel excited and ready for a new change, she’s bored and wants to talk about lunch. I arrive at my second job working on this holiday film and text her I’m not feeling well. I throw up in the office restroom and have to leave early. When I get home she’s fast asleep. We show up to the tiny cottage next to the river. It’s midnight on my birthday and she awakes me to open some gifts. I’m excited and see that it’s some camera equipment. The next morning we go to Crater Lake. She’s short with me in the car and I feel alone again. It’s Saturday morning and I’m excited to start our day. She tells me she’s leaving. I beg and plead for her to stay but she walks out the door anyway.

The next moment I’m vomiting up the smoke on the cave floor. It’s clear now that the skull lantern with the green icy flame is my ex-wife. She was emotionally unavailable from the beginning but I was blinded by my love. It was toxic but I couldn’t be convinced otherwise. She had a hold on me but I was never allowed to have a hold on her. I drop the lantern and it shatters like glass into a million tiny pieces. The cave is a cave of sorrows. My mind has built a prison of pain, a mausoleum of misery. 

All these lights have brought me a certain heart ache to recall.  I begin laughing uncontrollably as tears flood from my eyes. The tears float upwards to the cave ceiling then descend like tiny droplets of light. The tears settle into small pools of water as plants begins to sprout from within them.

I notice now that this darkness is truthfully a kind of light. That all pain is. It's like connective tissue to a muscle. It strengthens me. I then awake from my sleep.

The End

Thank you for reading my original story and dream “The Three Lanterns” by: Jesse Bray