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Poem by: Jesse Bray

Oh on this day I do hate

The sorrows buckle and burst

They're ready to break

Oh on this day I do lament

How once before I felt alive again

But this is the day

Day I was made

Made of flesh and bone

Made to celebrate 

It's overwhelming

This lone underserving

Am I deserving

A little cake?

But where is my balloons?

In this sorrow tomb 

Of our old bedroom

I sit in the absolute emptiness 

This day was never mine

It was meant to be shared

With loves of my life 

For without their love I'd be 


Really no one 

Worth time or dime to sing

A simple rhyme 

Happy birthday 

Happy birthday 

Has become the saddest echo



In my mind 

Without you 

I just pine

Without you in my eye

Life is without ice cream or cake