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I’ll Never Be Walt

Poem by: Jesse Bray

My life is hardly G rated

Yet I wish it was

I'm a kid at heart that suffers from

A broken childhood

But fact is duller than fiction

And no one wants to hear your "truth"

People want a sensation not salvation

But whose to blame them! 

For life and time don't cost a dime

They don't cost a thing

That's why we're all penniless hippies

Tripping on Disney

Looking for love on the silver screen 

To remember of better dreams

I set the mood

I set the scene

But in my head it all seems 

So much brighter

So much lighter



More imagineering

I'll never be Walt

But at least I'll try

I'll live my light

In my own time

I may never have a bauhus

Or a mouse house 


Except the one in my head

In absolute freedom

I'll never be Walt

Because Walt's not me

A living dying legend 

Whose memory 

Gave me strength 

When I was young

To hold my whispering inner peace